International Capital Markets Pty Ltd.

  • Website :
  • Established : 2007
  • Review info : International Capital Markets Pty Ltd.
  • Review Date : 2019-01-09
  • Regulation : ASIC (License Number 335692)
  • Country : Australia
  • Reviewed By : FXSUCCESSBD
  • Rating :
Broker Name International Capital Markets Pty Ltd. Segregated Account Yes
Website Islamic Account No
Headquartered In 2 Bligh Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia Institutional Account Yes
Founded In 2007 VIP Service Yes
Regulating Authority ASIC (License Number 335692) PAMM / MAM Account MAM
US Clinets Accepted No Depoist Option Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire, Neteller, Skrill, Web Money, BPAY, Union Pay Fasa Pay
Broker Status Independent Broker Withdrawal Option Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire, Neteller
Telephone Number +86 21 51851798 Trading Platform MT4, eToro, Pro Deal, cTrader, MT5, Myfxbook AutoTrade, FIX API, Trading Server
Fax Number +86 21 51851797 Precision Pricing 5 Digits
Email Support Type of Spread Floating
International Office Australia, China Commission Yes
Web Site Language English, Chinese Scalping Yes
Free Demo Account Yes Expert Advisors Yes
Min. Deposit 200 AUD Lowest spread Lowest spread on EURUSD -0.3 Pips (cTrader)
ECN Deposit Yes Trading Instruments Metals, Oil, Gold, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, CFDs, Options, Futures
Account Currency USD, EURO, AUD, GBP One Click Execution Yes
Maximum Leverage 1:500 OCO Orders Yes
Minimul Order Vol. 0.01 Managed Account No
TRADING TERMS Email Alerts Yes
Interest on Margin No Mobile Alerts Yes
OS Compatibility Mac, Windows, Mobile, Web, iPhone, iPad Trailing Stops Yes
Streaming News Feed Yes Mobile Trading Yes
Charting Package No Web Based Trading Yes
Market Commentary No Customer Support Lang Multi Lingual
CUSTOMER SUPPORT Email+Phone support Yes
Customer Service Hours 24/5 Personal Account Manager Yes
Place Trades Over the Phone Yes Email Response time 24/5
No Deposit Bonus No Trading Tools No
Bonus for First Deposit No Other Promotion Yes
Free VPS Yes Close trade over the phone Yes

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Pros Cons

  • Very popular broker regulated from ASIC.
  • Moderate spread in standard account and very low spread in cTraders platform and true ECN account.
  • Very good and friendly customer support that we like very much.
  • Fast withdraw, no deposit and withdraw fees.
  • Segregated accounts, dealing with top tier banks that really very importat issue.
  • True ECN platform that provide good trading environment for traders.

  • During high volatile news time you may get some requotes, slippage, delay trade execution in standard account.
  • Minimum investment 200 USD that can be little bit difficult for new trader.
  • True ECN account per round turn lot commission almost 7 USD that is little bit high. Althorugh spread very low.
  • Very limited payment processor for fund withdraw including bank wire, card, neteller.
  • Skrill, Webmoney, union Pay, Fasapay deposit may possible but withdraw will be through bank wire. ( Outside Australia fees will be charged: 20 AUD)



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